Golf Carts

Golf carts are allowed to operate in the city by licenses drivers from April 15 to October 15 and MUST be registered with the South Haven Police Department prior to street use. Additionally, below are some of the additional restrictions for golf carts when used on city streets:

-Golf carts may not exceed 15 miles per hour
-Golf carts may not be operated on streets with speed limits more than 30 miles per hour except to cross that roadway or street
-Golf carts must be equipped the following safety equipment: safety belts, rearview mirrors (exterior or interior), brakes and parking brake, and brake lights.
-Golf cart occupancy is restricted to the number of passengers for which the vehicle is designed and equipped.

For complete rules, regulations, and information on how to register your golf cart, please see the links below. 

Golf Cart Ordinance
Map of Non-Permitted Roads
Registration Packet