Building Services

The Building Services Department consists of:

  • Building Inspection
  • Zoning Administration
  • Code Enforcement
  • Short-Term Rentals

Building Services is responsible for administering and maintaining the Zoning Ordinance, Zoning Code, Zoning map, Code Enforcement, construction codes, and the Master Plan.

Guide To Development

The City of South Haven presents this Guide to Development to assist residents, developers, and businesses in understanding the City’s policies, goals, and timelines to have a clear view of the community’s expectations regarding physical growth and development. This guide is to be used as a tool for the planning of activity and structural growth within the city. It is an outline of the review process and expectations when planning new construction or operation. It provides a general overview of the development approval processes. Contact information, website links, and related documents will be indicated throughout the document for further information. The City of South Haven is here to help you and is looking forward to your development.

Deadlines for Zoning Board of Appeals and Planning Commission Submittals

Site Plan Review Process
      ***Preliminary Site Plan (Conceptual Review) Process

Building Permits and Inspections

  • Provides information about requirements for building permits and inspections; building permits and fee schedule; and electrical/mechanical/plumbing permits.

Zoning Administration

  • Provides an approve/deny table; zoning permits; a zoning permit fee schedule; and meeting information for Zoning Board Appeals and Planning Commission.

Code Enforcement

  • Provides links to the City Code of Ordinances and the Zoning Ordinance; and contact information.

Short -Term Rentals

  • Provides short-term rental information.


All Zoning and Building permits can be filled out and returned via email, FAX, mail, or in-person.
For questions concerning Building or Zoning please call (269) 637-0789 or email