Zoning Administration and Permits

Zoning Permits are required for the following projects:

 Zoning Administrator can Approve or Deny
 New Homes - 1 or 2 family dwellings
 Residential Additions
 Accessory Buildings
  • Garage, shed, pergola, etc. 
  •  4 ft. in front yard,  6 ft. side & rear yard
 Swimming Pools
 Waterfront lots require Special Use Permit
 Signs and Awnings
 Located on or projecting onto City Property
requires City Council approval
 Temporary Signs
 Temporary Use/Special Events
 Event located on City property
requires City Council approval
 Short-Term Rental Certificate
 Planned Unit Development (PUD) Minor Amendment
 Residential Radio/TV Towers
 Planning Commission Review
 Multiple Family Residential (3 or more Dwelling Units)  
 Commercial, Industrial, Institutional  
 Special Use Permits
  •  Pool on waterfront, Mixed-Use, retaining
    walls over 4 ft. height, etc.
 Planning Commission & City Council Review  
 Planned Unit Developments (PUD)  
 Rezoning Requests  
 Master Plan Amendment Request  
 Zoning Ordinance Amendment Requests  
 Changes to Permitted Use Request  
 Zoning Board of Appeals Review  
 Zoning Variance Request  
 Zoning Ordinance Interpretation  
 Administrative Review Appeal  

Permit Applications are to be filled out and returned via email, FAX, mail, or in person.

Site Plan Review Process

Zoning Permit Fee Schedule

What is Zoning?
  • Process to divide land into zones where certain uses are permitted or prohibited
  • Zoning Ordinance: Local, municipal law passed by Planning Commission and City Council
  • Specifies regulations to maximize resident health, safety, and welfare
  • Implements the City's Master Plan
What Zoning District do I live in?
  • Find your block on the map below to determine the color
  • Look at the legend to determine your Zoning District
  • Locate your Zoning District section in the Zoning Ordinance (Sections 400 - 1100)
  • Refer to additional sections for specific regulations used throughout all Zoning Districts
Zoning District Map - (click map for larger view)

2018 Master Plan

Zoning Board of Appeals and Planning  Commission
  • Planning Commission  (By-Laws)
    • 9 residents appointed by the City Council
    • Serve 3 year terms that can be renewed
    • Have 1 commissioner who is also an elected official
    • Have 1 commissioner who is also on the Zoning Board of Appeals
    • Hold monthly meetings on the first Thursday of each month
    • Hold Public Hearings and vote on development for site plan reviews and special land uses
    • Responsible for developing the Master Plan
  • Zoning Board of Appeals  (By-Laws)
    • 9 residents appointed by the City Council
    • Serve 3 year terms that can be renewed
    • Have 1 member who is also on the Planning Commission
    • Hold monthly meetings on the fourth Monday of each month
    • Hear Zoning Ordinance Variance requests, Administrative Review appeals, and provide Zoning Ordinance text clarifications
    • Review each Variance request based on Findings of Fact