City Clerk

I. About
II. Business License
III. Vendor License
City Clerk Forms and Applications

I. About

The Clerk's Office of the City of South Haven is often referred to as the "Keeper of the Records". It is the responsibility of the Clerk's Office to act as the custodian of all papers, documents, and bonds pertaining to other officers and employees of the City as well as records pertaining to the City.

The Clerk's Office ensures the publication notices of ordinances, resolutions, public hearings, voter registration, and meetings. The Clerk's Office prepares City Council agenda packets and attends all City Council meetings recording permanent minutes of the meeting.

The Clerk serves as the chairperson of the Election Commission conducting all aspects of elections. The Clerk's Office is the contact for business licenses and registrations.

The Clerk manages vendor licenses and business licenses. More information on business and vendor licenses can be found below.

The Clerk provides public documents granted through the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA).

II. Business License 

A business license is required for the following businesses ONLY:

Pawnbroker ($100/year)
Vessels for Hire ($30.00/one-time fee)
Horse-Drawn Carriages ($30.00/year)
Taxicabs ($10/per vehicle/per year)

Applications and specific requirements may be obtained at City Hall or download an application from the forms section below. The applications must be approved by the Chief of Police, Zoning Director, and the City Clerk prior to operating one of the above listed businesses. Once approved, the Clerk will issue a Business License.

All other persons wishing to establish a business in the city are asked to complete a Business Registration Form available at the Reception Counter at City Hall or download an application here.

For more information on business licenses, see the City Code of Ordinances, Chapter 14, Article II, Sec. 14-26 thru 14-31

III. Vendor License

A vendor wishing to locate within the South Haven city limits must obtain a Michigan Sales Tax Number; must have a permit from the Van Buren County Health Department if selling food; and must provide the City Clerk with satisfactory proof of insurance in an amount and kind deemed sufficient by the City Council and naming the City of South Haven as an additional insured. Vendors wishing to set up on public property must complete an application which will be approved by the Director of Public Safety and by the City Clerk. Vendors wishing to set up on private property within the city limits must contact the Zoning Department to be approved.

For more information, see the City Code of Ordinances, Chapter 14, Article II, Section 14-44.2 thru 14-55.

Festival/Event Blanket License: Vendors who wish to participate in one of the festivals must contact the festival committee. The vendor must be named in a festival's special event application.