Staff Directory
Department Name First Name Last Name Title Email Phone
City Hall Main Switchboard (269)-637-0700
City Manager's Office Griffin Graham Assistant City Manager (269)-637-0753
Parks Department Black River Park (269)-637-3523
Police Department Beach Parking (269)-637-5151
Building Department Ross Rogien Building Inspector (269)-277-8573
Building Department Brad Kotbra Planning/Zoning Administrator (269)-637-0760
Building Department Luke Thompson Building Department Assistant (269)-637-0789
Building Department Carol Mezak STR Administrator (269)-637-0790
Building Department Rick Loper Code Enforcement (269)-637-0763
Assessor Michele Argue Assessor (269)-637-0740
Parks Department Mary Ann Frazier Cemetery Sexton (269)-637-0725
City Clerk Megan Kiker City Clerk (269)-637-0750
City Manager's Office Kate Hosier City Manager (269)-637-0750
City Engineer Mike Dopp City Engineer (269)-637-0776
Customer Service/Main Switchboard Customer Service/Main Switchboard (269)-637-0700
Customer Service Manager Suzanne Brock Customer Service Manager (269)-637-0706
Deputy Finance Director Stricklin Carol Deputy Finance Director (269)-637-0742
Deputy Assessor Jennifer Woodley Deputy Assessor (269)-637-0747
DDA Director Suzanne Brock DDA Director (269)-637-0706
Economic Development Economic Development (269)-637-0775
Electric Superintendent Joe Miller Electric Superintendent (269)-637-0756
Electrical Inspector Lyle Lester Electrical Inspector (800)-626-5964
Elections Administrator Elections Administrator
Finance Director Michele Argue Finance Director (269)-637-0740
Fire Chief Brandon Hinz Fire Chief (269)-637-5151
Fire Department Fire Department (269)-637-5151
Freedom of Information Act Coordinator Megan Kiker Freedom of Information Act Coordinator (269)-637-0750
Harbormaster Griffin Graham Harbormaster (269)-637-0753
Human Resources Kim Wise, PHR Human Resources (269)-637-0749
Information/Computer Services Phil Poole Information/Computer Services (269)-637-0733
Local Development Finance Authority Secretary Griffin Graham Local Development Finance Authority Secretary (269)-637-0753
Main Switchboard/Customer Service Main Switchboard/Customer Service (269)-637-0700
Marina Manager Todd Newberry Marina Manager (269)-637-3171
Municipal Marinas (North and South) Municipal Marinas (North and South) (269)-637-3171
Parks Department Parks Department (269)-637-0737
Plumbing Inspector Michael Field Plumbing Inspector (269)-427-7890
Police Department Police Department (269)-637-5151
Public Works Department Customer Service Michelle Coffey Public Works Department Customer Service (269)-637-0737
Public Works Director Bill Hunter Public Works Director (269)-637-0737
Street Department Street Department (269)-637-0737
Utility Billing Office Utility Billing Office (269)-637-0700
Utility Billing Administrator Kim Eastman Utility Billing Administrator (269)-637-0708
Waste Water Treatment Plant Waste Water Treatment Plant (269)-637-0716
Water/Sewer Department Water/Sewer Department (269)-637-0737