Board of Public Utilities

Created by Section 13.2 of the City Charter, see also sections 13.7 & 13.8 

5 Year Term-Meets on the last Monday each month at 4 pm at the Department of Public Works building.

The BPU consists of five (5) members, one of whom is a member of the City Council. The members are appointed by the City Council and serve for a term of 5 years. 

Purpose as Defined In Enabling Statute/Ordinance/Resolution 

13.2 “There shall be a board know as the “Board of Public Utilities” to advise the Council in respect to all matters concerning municipally owned utilities.” 

13.7 Subject to the provisions of this charter, and the general accounting procedures of the City which shall be consistent with an meet any requirements of law, the Board shall have and exercise the control over all of its funds, as authorized by the Council.