Community Development Commission

Created by Resolution - #July 18, 1977 

The CDC (Community Development Commission) was established in July 1977 for the main purpose of implementing and overseeing the Community Development Block Grant Program. This program consists of funds from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. The nine appointees serving a term of four years, implement many tasks: establish loans, deferred payment loans, and/or grant home rehabilitation program guidelines, rules, regulations, 
and eligibility requirements; make rehabilitation loans, deferred payment loans, and/or grants to eligible applicants; Conduct Housing & Nuisance code inspections and enforcement in the Community Development Project areas; purchase property in the name of and with the approval of the City Council; expend CDC funds for materials, equipment, supplies, services, rentals, travel, etc., as necessary to carry out the program; present information and make recommendations to the City Council on CDC programs, activities, and funding sources; and develop application materials for CDC programs for City Council consideration and approval. 

Purpose as Defined In Enabling Statute/Ordinance/Resolution 

The CDC’s was created with the purpose of implementing and overseeing the Community Development Block Grant Program and the Home Rehabilitation Program…” The Home Rehabilitation Program is designed to “assist families and Senior Citizens to upgrade their homes to minimum codes for the purpose of eliminating health hazards, blight, and neighborhood deterioration.”