Household Hazardous Waste Schedule
Household Chemicals for polluting groundwater, storm sewers and septic tanks. Suspects have been known to catch fire, explode, be corrosive and toxic!

Common Criminal Names: 
oil based paints, pesticides, antifreeze, fertilizers, rechargable batteries, solvents, mercury, and unknowns.

Key Clues: 
Works on labels that read: Toxic, Flammable, Corrosive, Irritant, Caution, Attention, Poison, Volatile. 

If you see these words on an unwanted household product, you know you have a product that is a household hazardous waste.

Van Buren County residents contact:
AJ Brucks, Executive Director
Van Buren Conservation District
1035 E. Michigan Ave.
Paw Paw, MI 49079
PH# 269-657-4030 Ext. 5
Fax# 855-790-7385