South Beach Restroom Area Master Plan

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Monroe Park and Kids' Corner 
563 Monroe Blvd.

  • Beautiful view of Lake Michigan. Stairs to public beach across the street.
  • Wooden playground structure; grills; picnic shelter; picnic tables; public restrooms; ballfield with bleachers.
  • Free parking.

 Stanley Johnston Park        

Stanley Johnston Park
202 Dyckman Avenue.

  • Historic park with many trees.
  • Grills; picnic shelter; picnic tables; gazebo; public restrooms; swing sets; basketball courts; lots of shade.
  • Free parking.

 Packard Park2    

Packard Park
231 North Shore Drive.

  • Shaded park and beach.
  • Grills; picnic tables; public restrooms, deck overlooking Lake Michigan; large shaded, grassy area.
  • Beach parking fee.

 Optimist Tot Lot    

Optimist Tot Lot
191 Bailey Street.

  • Sized just right for small children.
  • Grills; picnic tables; playground equipment; public restrooms; baseball diamond; basketball court for tots.
  • Free parking.

 Cable Tot Lot    

Cable Street Tot Lot
421 Cable Street.

  • Great for tots!
  • Playground equipment; benches; picnic tables.
  • Free parking.

 Hartman Park    

Hartman Park
347 Prospect Street near Hartman School.

  • Lots of grassy area for throwing a frisbee.
  • Picnic tables; grills.
  • Free parking.


Elkenburg Park
309 Elkenburg Street.

  • Neighborhood park on the south side.
  • Picnic shelter; picnic tables; grills; basketball courts; public restrooms; bleachers; playground; swings.
  • Free parking.

 Dyckman park    

Dyckman Park
536 Phoenix St - Downtown.

  • The farmer's market (summer) and ice rink (winter) border the park. Next door to the South Haven Visitors Bureau.
  • Beautifully landscaped. Great spot for a picnic!
  • Picnic tables; benches and public restrooms located at rear of Visitors Bureau building. 
  • Free parking in Huron St. lot adjacent to park.

Ellen Avery Park 3

Ellen Avery Park
South End of North Shore Drive.

  • Enjoy the beautiful views and watch the boats go by. Beautifully landscaped. 
  • Great spot for a picnic!
  • Benches.
  • Free parking.


Riverfront Park

Water Street, adjacent to Southside Marina.

  • Enjoy the beautiful views and watch the boats go by. Beautifully landscaped. Great spot for a picnic!
  • Picnic area, public restrooms, grills, walking path.
  • Some free parking and some parking meters.